your e-com revenue.

For 75% of online customers, the loading speed is a crucial aspect of their user experience. Improve it with free StoreFront X open-source headless PWA.

Speed is the key for your growth

How much will the speeding up your online store increase your revenue? Take a look at this model example:

Model example with 2,2s improvement

Top benefits of speeding up with PWA

Higher conversion rate and revenue

from customers using a mobile phone. And what's more, you don't need a mobile app.

More effective PPC 

 A lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate lead to increase of  your quality score and less expensive and better performing PPC campaigns.

Loyal customers

Improve the retention of your customers. Thanks to better CX and UX, they will not want to shop elsewhere. And you will reach better LTV.

Better brand awareness

Better CX also helps to increase brand awareness and recommendations.

Improved SEO

Thanks to an excellent Lighthouse score and adaption to Google Core Web Vitals, you will gain an advantage in SEO and full-text search. 

Push notifications

Push notifications will allow you to better communicate with your customers and open a new marketing channel.

Need proof?

According to Deloitte’s study: "Milliseconds make millions", increasing site speed by only 0.1s led to these improvements in engagement and conversion funnel:

Conversion rates

in retail increased by 8.4%.

Average order value

 in retail increased by 9.2%.

Customer engagement

in retail increased by 5.2%.


per session increased by 8% in the luxury segment.

Bounce rate

of the homepage  improved by 6.5% in the travel vertical.

Bounce rate

on lead generation informational pages enhanced by 8.3%.