to boost your revenue and productivity

Improve the customer experience of your Magento online store. Easily and with a perfect Lighthouse score. Speed up your site with free StoreFront X open-source headless PWA and increase the conversion rate.

Headless & PWA: a perfect combination for outstanding performance

The headless approach is a combination of simplicity and convenience using the latest technology. This architecture allows the separation of the back end from the front end and, therefore much easier optimization of services, experimentation, etc.

PWA or Progressive Web Application combines the ease of access of classic web pages and the user-friendliness of mobile apps. PWA saves customers time because the page renders faster, downloads less data, and is more interactive.

Together they make a great team to improve the online store's functioning and customer experience. 

The best-performing PWA framework

StoreFront X framework outperforms similar products in all Lighthouse Performance Score metrics. Here you can find out how your online store is performing.

Deloitte:"Milliseconds make millions"
According to the study, a 0.1 s mobile site speed improvement had a positive impact on the number of page views, conversions rates (increased by 8.4%) and average order value (increased by 9.2%). 


Explore new growth opportunities

You do your best in all marketing channels. Optimizing campaigns, focusing on mobile users, investing more money. But the conversion rate remains the same. And you want to grow. Speed up your Magento online store with PWA and turn your customers into ambassadors. Read more

  Improves the conversion rate
  Better customer experience
  Boosts performance
  Reduces campaign costs
  Strengthens customer’s loyalty
  Lower bounce rate

  StoreFront X is open source  
  Most-modern stack (Vue3, Vite, Tailwind CSS/UI, Pinia) 
  Quick developers onboarding and framework adoption  
  On-the-edge development experience and productivity 
✔  High scalability & modular architecture
✔  Covered by automated tests


Fast, productive, scalable & easily customizable

We have performance in our DNA. Everything we do is evaluated from performance perspective. We simply love to do data-driven decisions in research and development. We provide enablement and suppport services to boost your onboarding.


Key to the client’s performance improvement

Do you build Magento online stores and need future-proof headless PWA architecture and productive development on top of that? Are you a marketing agency helping your clients to increase the website speed, revenues and campaigns effectivness? Google is rolling out the new Core Web Vitals that will impact your business. StoreFront X will help you to be prepared for it.

Our Story

In the beginning we needed a suitable PWA solution for our Magento 2 clients. We searched all over the world, but couldn't find anything that would meet the demands of our clients' complex projects.

That's why we came up with the vision of StoreFront X. We spent hundreds of mandays on deep research and development. And here's the result. Everything we do is performance-based. StoreFront X is simply the fastest.

Marek Kubacak
StoreFront X Ambassador

What experts say

Site speed is the key for a great mobile experience. Anything we might try to build, anything that might change the behaviour of the users is not going to have a impact if they abandon.
Maria López Latorre
mSites Specialist Engineer in Google
The PWA is a significant improvement and opens some features to a much broader audience.
David Brunelle
VP, Customer Experience Engineering in Starbucks