Quick answers to common questions.


Is StoreFront X SaaS or self-hosted? Do I get the entire code-base? 

It is self-hosted for now. PAAS for the future. Code is open and fully provided. Our core packages are located in the npm repository. However, those can also be altered by proposing changes to our core project repository.

Which Magento editions and versions does StoreFront X support? 

We want to stay on edge. StoreFront X currently supports Magento 2.4.x and higher.

Will StoreFront X work with my extensions and customization? 

Yes. However, your extensions and customizations must have an API on the backend side. StoreFront X will use these APIs to pull or push data.

Which payments and gateways does StoreFront X support? 

Google Pay and Braintree are supported now, and the list is about to get wider.

How much can I customize StoreFront X?

There are no limitations. You can even customize our core by creating PR to our project’s core repository.

Will my store URLs get changed if I use StoreFront X?

In most cases we are able to keep your URLs in their original form. However, there are exceptions. One of these exceptions is images. However, if you need them to stay the same, there is always a way around this.

Can I use StoreFront X on both mobile and desktop? 

Yes, this is the advantage of PWAs. The main focus is on mobile devices, as mobile traffic accounts for 55% of total traffic and the number is still growing.

Can you guarantee the speed of StoreFront X and Lighthouse metrics results? 

We make sure StoreFront X is as fast as possible. However, we can't guarantee this, as adding non-performing components or external resources to the frontend can affect speed/score. Many 3rd party libraries have started to take performance into account, so we need to choose wisely when selecting external components in our web apps.


What kind of support is provided for StoreFront X? 

We provide consulting services and our team is available via Slack and e-mail. Feel free to contact us at any time. 

Can I ask for customization? 

Almost everyone has at least one feature to change or add. StoreFront X is ready for that. Overwriting patterns and extensibility make this easy to do.  

Do you take up PWA implementation projects? 

The implementation of PWAs for our clients is one of our main activities. If you are looking for a PWA solution, we will be happy to help you.

Price & License

Is there an additional fee apart from the one-time license fee?

There is no additional fee once you have purchased the license.

What is the cost of customization?

The price of customization depends on your project and needs. If you are looking for an estimate, feel free to contact us.

Can I resell StoreFront X to my clients with a regular license?

Yes, you can resell StoreFront X to your clients. However, each client needs its own license. If you plan to implement StoreFront X for multiple clients, please contact us and join our partner program.