How well your website is performing?

Every tenth of a second when a visitor has to wait for your site to load has a far greater impact on your revenue than you think. Lighthouse, a useful tool from Google, will help you find out how your online store actually perform.

It's not just about revenue

Your customers’ wasted time will affect their experience, conversion rate and retention. That's why Google came with an upgrade of the Lighthouse Performance Score. It focuses on the quality analysis of sites with a greater impact of the three Core Web Vitals metrics on the overall score.

How to get ready for Core Web Vitals?

Google's search strategy is to take the customer experience more into account. And that's why there created Core Web Vitals, which we wrote about in this article. These metrics are going to impact your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position and thus your conversion rate .

Is your online store ready for them? It is easy to check it - see this article.

By the way, websites based on PWA technology, whose main advantage is the emphasis on user experience and performance, will primarily benefit from the changes Google makes in the measuring. 

Audit your online store

So, let's measure. With Google PageSpeed Insights, you can easily audit your website. At the same time, it will give you some useful tips on how to improve UX.

Are your performance results poor?

Are you also dealing with decreasing conversion rates, poor UX, insufficient SERP position, low mobile web app conversion rate, or overloaded servers during the peaks and holidays? Read this article about how to keep your web app healthy.