When is the right time to opt for PWA technology?

Are you interested in progressive web applications, but still hesitant about whether it's the right solution for your business? And how do you know when it's the right time to take the plunge? Let's take a closer look…


PWA or Progressive Web Application combines the ease of access of classic web pages and the user-friendliness of mobile apps. PWA saves customers time because the page renders faster, downloads less data, and is more interactive. PWA can be easily installed on a user's device (bypassing the app stores) and can also be used offline. 

Thanks to smart features, you can turn almost any website into a PWA relatively quickly and easily. Just like native apps, PWA can offer a number of useful features such as push notifications, offline support, etc. 

Sounds good. But when should I get started?

How do you recognize the right time to opt for a PWA solution? Let’s see if you resonate with any of the situations below.

You should especially go for it when you:

1. Have an increased mobile traffic on your site

Especially if you have any kind of real-time communication on the site (i.g. chat). Mobile shopping (mostly via smartphone) is growing every year and so is the importance of this channel. According to Business Wire data, more than 50% of online purchases in 2021 were made via mobile. The problem is that most of the shopping platforms are not adjusted to mobile and therefore do not provide appropriate customer experience.

PWA was created to do just that - to improve your customers' mobile shopping experience.

2. Deal with omnichannel

The growing importance of m-commerce and the development of omnichannel are a challenge for many companies. Today it is just not enough to have a responsive website. Brands must provide a consistent user experience across all communication channels.

Headless PWA is ready for that.It is a single technology that is suitable for every device, making it ideal for companies whose target audience is always on the move.

3.Need to speed up your app 

Thanks to PWA technology, it is not necessary to download all the content of the website every time you visit it and therefore it is much faster than traditional web apps. It is fast even when you have a poor internet connection. It also works offline, although it’s slightly limited (it cannot display content that has never been downloaded before, but the user can view previously visited pages and interact with the application to some extent). It is also more reliable and secure than a traditional web app.

4. Want to create an app like feeling

PWA can be installed on a mobile or computer with one click. They are for free and take only a little space in customers' devices. Once installed, the app icon will appear on the home screen (desktop) as if it were a native app. The user then only needs one click and can immediately browse the catalog and purchase products.

5. Need to significantly improve user experience and conversion rate

When users install your PWA, you can benefit from better engagement metrics:

  • Users spend longer time on your sites. 
  • Your bounce rate will get lower.
  • It leads to higher conversion rates.
  • You can expect more repeat visits.

It is no surprise that the higher the engagement is, the more money you usually earn. A lower bounce rate and higher conversion rate also leads to an increase of your quality score, so you can get less expensive and better performing PPC campaigns.

6. Do not have enough time and money for developing a native app

PWA technology is relatively easy to implement. You will save costs and time for the development of the mobile application, in addition to which you would have to develop separately for Android and iOS. PWAs are also quite easy to set up and maintain which will save you extra money. Please note that cost might be higher at the beginning but cost saving will happen over time.